Spend less time recording data

with the DataTek electronic data capture system.

Our tablet-based data collection system gives you the efficient tools you need in the field.

Excel compatibility. Compatible with ARM push/pull feature. Multiple data traversal methods to suit your style. Wireless data transfer straight to your email 7" display size with plenty of visible data. Ruggedised case design. Hand and neck straps. Convenient carry-case.

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Data-Tek capabilities

The software is compatible with xls type files, providing a medium for the transfer of data into various statistical analysis programmes. The software has an incorporated feature allowing rating shells from the commonly used ARM software to be imported, and once data sets are complete, to export them into an xls file that can be imported directly into ARM. The software has been designed to eliminate the navigation time while capturing data by automatically moving between assessment parameters, sub-samples and plots in preset directions, eliminating the need to manually scroll through spreadsheets for the next data entry. These unique aspects result in a considerable reduction in time spent capturing data in field trials.

The Data-Tek software also includes settings for calculation options (averages, totals etc) which can be displayed while capturing data or in an overview page once data serts are complete, so that data can be reviewed for trends or identifying any outlying errors while still in the field.

The use of the 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab provides the user with a versatile light weight tablet pc that has the capability to transfer data files to project managers or clients through WiFi or mobile network connections.  Field-Tek has also designed a ruggedised casing for the tablet pc, making it robust for use in field situations. The casing is moisture, dust and shock proof and has optional attachments to enable the tablet pc to be mounted on your hand or hung over your shoulder or around your neck, freeing up your hands for other tasks. 

The complete Data-Tek system is supplied in a convenient field carry case, housing the tablet pc, USB cable, wall socket adapter and a mini 12v twin USB charger.

The data collection screen in action

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